Tesla Cyberquad For Kids

This futuristic car will take your kids on an adventure of their own.

PIPA Lite RX Car Seat and RELX Base for Kids.

 Its lightweight and versatile design make it perfect for toting with you while running errands, and thanks to the belt path or base installation, moving it from your car to a taxi is a breeze. 

Cyberquad for Kids



Introducing the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids, a kids' electric bike that combines a futuristic look with smart features to make cycling fun. The sleek design features a red frame and a white plastic body, with the word “Tesla” featured in blue on both sides of the battery and seat. Inside is lithium-ion battery technology that lets you have fun without worrying about fumes or noise.

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Cyberquad for Kids


Wall Connector Pedestal


Mobile Connector



The Wall Connector Pedestal is a rugged aluminum post designed for mounting both Gen 3 and Gen 2 Wall Connectors for stand-alone charging. With easy indoor and outdoor installation options, the Wall Connector Pedestal is ideal for any driveway, parking lot or property that requires a free-standing structure to support charging equipment. 

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The tesla Cyberquad is a great indoor electric quad for Kids ! It's a large, highly stable board with footrests and handles for little riders. A controller allows for both forward and reverse speeds, helps keep kids on track when learning to ride it and reduces the risk of collisions.

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is a new and exciting toy that lets your child’s imagination run wild. It boasts four-wheel drive, which means kids get a ride like no other. The battery takes about 30 minutes to charge, and the battery lasts for roughly 20 minutes if used on high speed. The only downside to this is that it takes quite long to charge up again. This is a great way for parents to bond with their kids through playing together – it will help them stay active, as well as stimulate their creative thinking abilities, developing skills such as problem solving and coordination.

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